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Name: Crybaby
Artist: Kortikova Luba
Price: $1450 $295  (80% OFF)

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Name: Morozko
Artist: Yurov A.
Price: $225 SOLD!

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Name: At the River
Artist: Kirsanov Sergey
Price: $825 SOLD!

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Name: Tale of humpbacked little pony
Artist: Maevskaya
Price: $4875 $1125  (77% OFF)

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Name: Apple tree.
Artist: Dmitrieva Tat'yana
Price: $2650 $525  (80% OFF)

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Name: Pheasants
Artist: Gorbunova
Price: $750 $75  (90% OFF)

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Palekh lacquer boxes are the classic Russian lacquer art - steeped in a long tradition of icon painting, Palekh artists follow long established styles of painting that beautifully capture the essence of Russian lacquer art. See our complete offering of Palekh lacquer boxes!


We proudly offer a wide variety of exquisite lacquer boxes from Fedoskino. The only lacquer art school to use oil paints, Fedoskino lacquer boxes are preferred by many collectors for their realism and creativity. Browse our full collection of Fedoskino lacquer art!