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Kurchatkin Vladimir Anatoliyevich (1954 - ...)  Click to play

Kurchatkin studied in Mstera School of Miniature Arts in 1966-1970. For two years after that he worked at the papier mache factory. Vladimir was drafted into the Soviet Army. After he served 2 years as a soldier he came back to Mstera. He worked for a while at the factory. His skillful work was noticed and he transferred as a Master painter to the School of Miniature Arts. He worked there for 5 years.

While working as a master-painter Kurchatkin was intrigued by realistic portrait paintings by of a famous Mstera artist Borozdin. Kurchatkin began experimenting with egg tempera and painting portraits. Although realistic portrait painting was considered unorthodox for Mstera, Kurchatkin sharpening his skills at painting miniature portraits of famous historical figurs. Kurchatkin implemented Mstera's rich gold leaf painting tradition into his portraits. One of his teachers was the famous ornamental artist Urin.

Kurchatkin developed as a skillful miniaturist while working with gold leaf ornamental designs. He then implemented his knowledge in his portraits.While painting small golden details Vladimir sometimes uses magnifying bifocals. According to the artist this instrument serves him much better than a usual magnifying glass. The bifocals allow Kurchatkin to achieves a special stereo effect under the lacquer.

Vladimir Kurchatkin is always busy. He gets orders from the factory, local dealers and individual collectors from all over the world. Even though financially it's quite hard for Russians to order pieces, some that are better off know about this Mstera portraitist. Kurchatkin made a portrait of a famous Russian pop-star Alexander Malinin's son. Upon the rock-star's request his son was painted in medieval Russian Royal costumes.

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