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Zuikov Leonid Grigoryevich (1942 - ...)  Click to play

Born in 1942 in the village of Perovo in Vladimir region. He currently lives in the village of Bolshoe Tatarovo in the same region.

Leonid graduated from the Mstera Art School in 1960, where his teachers were N.A. Lyubomudrova, N.I. Shishakov, and N. Dmitriev.

He began to paint author works in 1962, and now more than 100 sketches are reserved in his house. Up to now many works by Leonid Zuikov are set as patterns for copyists and youth at the Mstiora factory where he works.

Zuikov has received awards of different exhibitions, and Order of the Labor Fame too. Member of the USSR Union of Artists since 1973.

The master is interested in painting on the themes of folk fairy-tales and historic subjects. In her artwork Zuikov uses tempera art technique. Leonid thinks he has his own style of painting, as he says, it consists of compactness, open colors, and joy of air.

Zuikov prefers to use warm colors and especially lilac tones. All of his pieces are author works, they differ from others by coloring, detailed painting, theme, and sense. Leonid is very glad when observers understand his creative work. The artist considers the most important element in his artwork is his whole soul put into patterns. The master hopes collectors will remember themes and unique representations of his pieces.

In his spare time Leonid likes to work at his grounds. To admirers of his art he wishes to love life and not to forget that we are human beings.

Some of his most famous boxes are as follows (As printed in Dugina G. N., Pozdnyakova V. V., 1996. THE ART OF MSTIORA. CATALOG OF MSTIORA ART MUSEUM EXHIBITS. Vladimir "POKROVA" Publishers ISBN 5-87393-002-3):

  • 1) "Rye" , 1960's.
  • 2) "Race",1960's (Pictured on page 90, figure #81 of THE ART OF MSTERA, published in 1996)
  • 3) "Prince Andrei Bogolyubsky, Warrior and Creator", 1960's.
  • 4) "Vladimir Volunteers Coming to the aid of Moscow", 1960's.
A lover of excellence shines through every detail in his artwork. Click here to listen to Leonid's voice

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